LEDs, Lasers, Detectors - Zinc blende and wurtzite materials

AlGaInP on GaAs


Band gap of strained AlGaInP on GaAs substrate

What you can learn:
  • alloys, linearly graded alloys, bowing, strain, band gaps
  • strain equation


wurtzite band edge

GaN/AlN wurtzite structure: Strain, piezo and pyroelectric charges in wurtzite

What you can learn:
  • wurtzite, strain, piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity
  • strain equation, Poisson equation

2DEG in a hexagonal core-shell nanowire

Core-shell nanowires

1. Schrödinger equation of a two-dimensional core-shell structure
2. Hexagonal 2DEG - Two-dimensional electron gas in a delta-doped hexagonal shaped GaAs/AlGaAs nanowire heterostructure

What you can learn:
  • 2D simulations, circular and hexagonal quantum confinement, core-shell nanowires, sweep over alloy concentrations and core radius, interband transitions (spatial overlap matrix elements)
  • Schrödinger equation in 2D, self-consistent Schrödinger-Poisson equation in 2D

Pyramidal shaped quantum dot

Quantum dot (pyramid)

Energy levels in a pyramidal shaped InAs/GaAs quantum dot including strain and piezoelectric fields

What you can learn:
  • 3D simulation, quantum dot, strain, piezoelectric fields
  • Strain equation, Poisson equation, Schrödinger equation in 3D

Strained substrate

Strained substrate

Growth of layers on strained (or stressed) substrates (biaxial and uniaxial)

What you can learn:
  • uniaxial and biaxial strain, stress
  • strain equation

Broken gap quantum well

InAs/GaSb superlattice

InAs / GaSb broken gap quantum well (BGQW) (type-II band alignment)

What you can learn:
  • 1D simulation, 8-band k·p, broken gap, type-II band alignment
  • 8-band k·p equation

Optical absorption

Optical absorption of a quantum well

Optical absorption of a quantum well - Diploma thesis documentation available

What you can learn:
  • 8-band k·p, optical absorption
  • 8-band k·p equation