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  Input file generator 1D




nextnano3 - Input file generator 1D

next generation 3D nano device simulator

Input file generator 1D

To create your own input file, you will need 4 steps. Each step creates a file on the server, the last step will merge these files to eventually produce the appropriate You can always modify the generated input file to include more advanced features (see section Keywords for a complete list of all the options) with an ASCII editor.

This process is a bit clumpsy. This script has been made 2002.


Please send feedback if you find bugs or need more features.

Caution: At present, only one user at the same time can generate an input file! If two users are using these scripts simultaneously they will produce inconsistent files.
It is recommended to do the steps one after the other. However, if you feel comfortable enough you can use each step separately to copy and paste what you want.

To do: For next release, please check if all changes in the specifiers have been adjusted.

If you encounter any errors, please let us know: