We strongly recommend using nextnano on Windows.

Currently, nextnanomat is no longer working on MacOS. We are working on a solution using our nextnanopy Python package.

nextnanomat on macOS

nextnanomat is programmed in C#, and can thus be executed on any operating system. It is, however, developed on and optimized for Windows. On macOS, you have to install either Wine or Mono to run nextnanomat.

Wine was available from Mountain Lion 10.8 until Mojave 10.14. We have checked that using Wine one can run nextnanomat.exe on Mojave 10.14. ** As of 19 Nov. 2019, Wine does not work on Catalina 10.15.**

Installation procedure

  1. Install XQuartz (version 2.7.7 or later).

    • Please open Xquartz and check if it starts without errors.

  2. Install “Wine Stable” for macOS.

    • On the website, both .pkg files and .tar.gz files are provided. Installation from .pkg files is handy. In this case, however, only the 32-bit version of nextnano software can be used, and currently one has to make sure that appropriate libiomp5.dll files are located in the same directory as “nextnano3.exe” and “nextnano++.exe” (even for the serial version of nextnano). If you need libiomp5.dll files, please contact us.

    • If you install Tarball for “Wine Stable” (32 + 64-bit), the 64-bit version is also available.

  3. Install “winetricks”.

    • Launch Wine stable from Applications or Launchpad.

    • Terminal window shows up with a short introduction of important commands.

  * Run <code>ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null</code>
  * Enter the password of your computer.
  * Run <code>brew install winetricks</code>
- Install .NET Framework using winetricks:
  * .NET Framework of version 4.5.2 or later is needed. Run <code>winetricks dotnet452</code>
  * Follow the instructions and ignore Warnings.
  * Restart the computer.
- Fonts and configuration
  * Launch **Wine stable** again.
  * Install basic fonts of Windows: <code>winetricks corefonts</code>
  * Configure Wine: <code>winecfg</code>
  * Setting window shows up. Select "Windows 10" for Windows version in the "Application" tab.
  * Press "OK" button.

Running nextnanomat

  1. Launch Wine Stable from Application or Launchpad.

  2. Run: wine /<your directory>/nextnanomat.exe

  3. Activate the license with your email address (only once) and have fun!

If you have any feedback on these instructions, please let us know, then we can keep our documentation up to date.

We can also provide a command line version of nextnano for Mac on request.

You can contact us at