General remarks

nextnano++ is a console application that is run from within the nextnanomat (nextnanomat) software (GUI). Alternatively, it can be executed from the command line (Command line arguments). The input file specifies the device that shall be simulated.


nextnanomat (nextnanomat) is a convenient graphical user interface for nextnano++. In addition, it can visualize 1D, 2D and 3D simulations results.

Input file

The input file specifies all properties of the device, such as geometry, material composition, grid, contacts,… Furthermore, it sets all parameters that are needed to define the program flow of nextnano++. The keywords that can be used for this purpose are defined in the syntax (Syntax definition) of the input file.


nextnano++ exports its results to a directory and in a certain format that have to be specified in the section (Simulation output) of the input file.


The nextnano++ installation provides some example input files (nextnano++ Tutorials) (C:\Program Files\nextnano\2020_12_09\Sample files\nextnano++ sample files) that can be run with nextnanomat, to get familiar with the program.

Material database

All material properties that are needed for simulation are specified as material parameters in database files (Material Database), which are provided with the nextnano++ installation. The database covers a large amount of Zincblende (all III-V and diamond-type like Si, Ge, …), Wurzite (GaN, AlN, InN, …) materials, and their alloys.

If you have further questions, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or contact support [at]