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nextnano GmbH


Extended Functionality

Option A: HTCondor

You can use HTCondor to run the nextnano software on your local computer infrastructure (“on-premise”). Essentially, the nextnanomat software submits the job either locally or on the “HTCondor” cluster.

  1. Download recommended HTCondor installer from HTCondor.
    • Latest tested version: 8.6.10: condor-8.6.10-428149-Windows10-x64.msi
  2. Start installer
  3. Continue
  4. Accept License Agreement
  5. Choose a host as Central Manager and a unique name for your pool of machines
    1. If you are on the central manager, choose: Create a new HTCondor Pool and fill in the name of the Pool
    2. If you are not on the central manager, choose: Join an existing HTCondor Pool and fill in the hostname of the central manager
  6. Tic Submit jobs … and choose Always run jobs …
  7. Fill in your domain name
  8. Currently we do not need an SMTP Config, so leave these fields blank and press next
  9. Currently we do not need a JVM, so leave these fields blank and press next
  10. Add your domain and IP-Subnet to the Write Access field and press next
  11. Currently we do not need a VM, so leave these fields as they are and press next
  12. Choose an installation directory and press next
  13. Now we can finally press install 8-)
  14. If you have successfully entered the administrator credentials you should see a completion message.
  15. After the obligatory restart your new pool or pool member should be up and running
  16. To be able to submit jobs from nextnanomat to HTCondor, you have to store your credentials once. Do this by opening a command shell and typing the following command: condor_store_cred add
    • Enter your password and you are ready to submit your first HTCondor job

Useful HTCondor commands for the Command Prompt

  • condor_submit <filename>.sub Submit a job to the pool.
  • condor_q Shows current state of all jobs in the queue
  • condor_status Shows state of all available resources
  • condor_rm Remove jobs from a queue:
    • condor_rm -all Removes all jobs from a queue
    • condor_rm <cluster>.<id> Removes jobs on cluster <cluster> with id <id>
  • condor_release -all If any jobs are in state hold, use this command to restart them.
  • condor_restart Restart all condor daemons/services after changes in config file


Q: I submitted a job to HTCondor, but the Batch line is stuck with ‘preparing’. What is wrong?

A1: Did you store your credentials after the installation of HTCondor? If not, see the installation reference for steps 17-18.

A2: Did you change your password recently? If yes you may need to reenter your credentials for Condor. See the installation reference for steps 17-18.

More information is coming soon…

Option B: aws (Amazon Web Services)

(We are working on it.)

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